Three 102 crus and thirty-five thousand hectares, here in two digits, the Kingdom of champagne, cut into dozens of fiefdoms, who wear their iconic productions everywhere in the world.


Appellation GRAND CRU

The champagne terroir are classified into three categories :

terroirs (Cru or village) «grand cru»., "premier cru" and "other wines"..
On the 319 Crus that has the area of production of champagne, only 17 are entitled to the appellation "grand cru"..

It is clear that the price of a great vintage follows its curve of excellence, It is no less obvious that the land of Champagne contains small farms, known to a small number of enthusiasts, which develop champagne wines who deserve to be enjoyed solely for their quality and whose prices do not undergo the cascades imposed by multiple intermediaries.

The Home F.Barbier is in this regard particularly exemplary. It claims its family character, his youth, even if its vineyards are secular, and affirms its desire to offer a worthy of special cuvée Champagne Wine, at the price… rough without year !

The 'map' short but perfectly balanced offers six vintages that will put your palate celebrates…




Finally, on the side of price, the wines of Champagne F.Barbier are far perfectly reasonable, and for good reason : the House sells directly to individuals, applying to the letter the principle of the producer to the consumer.
You therefore receive directly at home your command of champagne, What is not the least of the pleasures.

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